Russell 2000 adds 8 consumer staple stocks

pada beberapa minggu terakhir ini saham tianshi semakin cepat turun lajunya sehingga saham tiens tidak termasuk lagi dalam russell 2000 (russell 2000 adalah daftar/index saham untuk perusahaan gurem/kecil). wah2 klo udah udah ga masuk kategori perusahaan kecil/gurem apa ya istilahnya? perusahaan super kecil? hahahhaa…

Monday June 30, 9:24 am ET

Russell 2000 small-cap index adds 8 consumer staples stocks, removes Jones Soda, Tiens Biotech NEW YORK (AP) — Eight stocks in the consumer staples sector were added to the Russell 2000 index of small stocks, while two stocks in the sector were removed.

Diamond Foods Inc., Lifeway Foods Inc., Omega Protein Corp., Schiff Nutrition International, Smart Balance Inc., Star Scientific Inc., Susser Holdings Corp. and Zhongpin Inc. were added in this year’s reconstitution of the small stock index.

Jones Soda Co. and Tiens Biotech Group USA Inc were removed from the Russell 2000.

Tacoma, Wash.-based Russell Investments realigns the Russell 3000 index once per year, tracking what it maintains is 99 percent of the U.S. equity market. That index is then broken down to 26 smaller indexes, including the widely watched Russell 1000 index of large capitalization stocks and the Russell 2000 index of small capitalization stocks.

The makeup of the Russell indexes for the next 12 months was finalized after the closing bell Friday.

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